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5 Reasons You Should Work with a Trainer

I write this blog for those who may be on the fence about investing in a personal trainer, to remind those who have a trainer of the benefits, and to provide insight to trainers who are looking to grow their business. This list is in no particular order of importance; however, the first reason is the most common that tends to be overlooked.

1. Accountability

People usually don’t hire a trainer with accountability in mind. They often associate trainers with the creation of exercise programs, teaching proper form, and tracking progress. But I’ve come to learn that accountability has been the main reason for client retention. Clients have to block time off their schedule and have committed to meeting with their trainer. I‘ve been told by many clients that if they didn't have a scheduled session they would have postponed their workout until the next day or not have done anything at all.

2. Expertise

The average person does not have the time or interest in keeping up to date on the latest exercise research. Many of us are impatient and want to get from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is why we hire an expert. A personal trainer (ideally) should have years of experience with exercise, including knowledge from mistakes, trying various programs, continuing education, etc., so they have more tools and expertise at their disposal.

Could I do my taxes by myself without hiring an accountant? Technically yes, but that wouldn’t be ideal. An accountant would do it more efficiently, reduce mistakes, and provide the greatest results because he is an expert in that field. The same could be said of personal trainers.

3. Reduce the Risk of Injury

Strength training can be intimidating and even dangerous if done incorrectly. Social media doesn’t help, where people have access to view others who have been lifting for years and can make it look easy. At Slight Edge Fitness & Performance, we have specific progressions and regressions in place to meet each client’s training experience.

Let’s take a squat for example. For a complete beginner, we would start isometric before dynamic, meaning just holding a position instead of moving. Now let’s break down how we could progress this exercise:

  • First few weeks: Goblet squat hold with press out

  • Progression 1: Goblet squat to box

  • Progression 2: 2 kettlebell front rack squat position

  • Progression 3: Barbell front squat (if appropriate)

These types of progressions are in place to minimize the wrong joint compensations and put the client in a biomechanical advantage for success.

4. Support System

As humans, when we accomplish something our first reaction is to share the news with others. Having someone with which to help celebrate micro-goals can be very helpful. We’re also there to support you when things get tough. There will be instances when the scale doesn’t move or strength feels like it’s plateauing. These are the times where the true art of coaching is revealed. Good trainers are able to adjust and adapt to these situations and continue on by trying different methods to find which fits best for each particular client. One size certainly does not fit all in the fitness world.

5. Custom Program > Cookie Cutter Program

This could also fall under “expertise” but I believe it deserves its own section. Anyone can go online and find a cookie-cutter program, but that program doesn’t take into account your unique anatomy, biomechanics, injuries, or fitness experience. At Slight Edge Fitness, every personal training client is carefully taken through both a behavioral and movement assessment to customize each training program. Each client will have some variation of the squat, deadlift, push, and pull included in his or her training program, but the exercise selection will be customized based on their personal assessment.

I’ve highlighted several reasons why hiring a personal trainer can be beneficial, but of course, there are many more. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, a personal trainer can offer support, tips, and customized training as you work to achieve your goals. Here at Slight Edge, we’re ready and waiting - contact us for your complimentary assessment!

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Kathy Kelly
Kathy Kelly
Mar 20, 2021

Craig’s passion for fitness, along with his knowledge of the industry and ability communicate effectively, are the reasons his clients achieve their goals. As his proud mom, and also a client, I can attest to this statement.


James A. Lopata
James A. Lopata
Mar 19, 2021

All of this is true! I worked with Craig as my trainer for many years and he accelerated my development and kept my accountable and everything else he says above. The ROI is high with a trainer by your side. But not just any trainer, a trainer as outstanding as Craig.

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