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5 Helpful Reminders to Stay on Track this Holiday Season

Staying healthy during the holidays is no easy task. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Chanukah, or Christmas every special celebration seems like an excuse to splurge on snacks and sweets and skip your daily workout routine. When you combine that with the countless other challenges 2020 has thrown our way, it’s likely you’re having a tough time keeping a routine and making healthy food choices. While we should all feel comfortable treating ourselves this holiday season, there are a few key things we can do to help keep ourselves on track and feeling good.

  1. Drink Water: When in doubt, hydrate. It’s no secret that drinking water is a vital component of staying healthy. Not only is it essential for your body to function properly, but it can optimize workout performance and boost energy levels, all while aiding weight management and staving off those pesky holiday hangovers. If you're planning on having a few cocktails, consider drinking a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage. You’ll thank us in the morning.

  2. Move Everyday: A body in motion stays in motion. The benefits of exercise are extensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend an hour every day on a grueling workout routine. Find fun ways to stay active. Whether it’s going on a walk with family, running with your dog, or hopping on that Peloton for a holiday ride, anything that keeps you moving is beneficial.

  3. Treat Yourself: Deprivation is miserable and unhealthy. Don’t be that person that brings a salad to the holiday party. Instead, allow yourself one or two "cheat meals” every week during the holiday season to indulge in your favorite goodies. This allows you to enjoy your favorite holiday meals and bake plenty of Christmas cookies without the feeling that you’ve abandoned your wellness goals. Embrace and enjoy the holidays, but remain disciplined and get back on track come January.

  4. Meal Prep: On days when you're looking to stay regimented, continue your usual meal preparation. This will save you time and money and reduce the stress of planning meals on the fly, while also providing you with healthy meal options at arm’s length. It's the holidays in 2020 — the last thing anyone needs is more stress!

  5. Stretch and Meditate: While it’s easy to skip stretching, staying flexible is an important part of a healthy exercise routine. Try to fit in a stretch or a foam rolling session while you're doing other activities, like watching your favorite Christmas movie or sitting in front of your computer. This will relieve tension, increase energy, calm the mind, and prevent injuries. During the busy holiday season, meditation can also be a great way to manage stress and help stay zen. By allowing your mind to “bliss out” for even a few minutes, you’re helping your brain navigate challenging situations while increasing creativity and patience. It’s safe to say we could all use an extra dose of those qualities these days.

As we (finally!) head into 2021, try and embrace these tips so that you can start the new year feeling your best and with a positive outlook. Just keep in mind that you’re not striving for perfection here. Don't beat yourself up for a few days or weeks of indulgence. Just forge ahead and get back on track with no regrets for all the fun you had. 2021 is going to be a better year for all of us, and Slight Edge Fitness and Performance is here and ready to help you reach your fitness goals.

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