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I first started working with Coach Craig Kelly to help me get in better shape for my upcoming wedding. On my wedding day, I looked and felt better than I ever could have imagined. Since then, I've continued training with Craig and have made even more progress, and exceeded quite a few personal goals along the way. Craig is simply a good person and he's able to make you feel comfortable right from the start. He's extremely knowledgeable about health and fitness and brings a holistic approach to your fitness journey. When working with Coach Craig, you are more than just a client, you are an athlete and a friend.

- Jennifer Defreest

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I was introduced to Coach Craig Kelly in May of 2017 with the goal of getting stronger and increasing flexibility to help with nagging shoulder pain. With the help of Craig’s individualized programming, I was able to surpass my strength goals and improve my posture all while being pain-free. I highly, highly recommend Coach Craig Kelly to help you reach your fitness goals safely and efficiently!

- James Lopata


Coach Craig Kelly has been instrumental in my athletic journey, as his vast knowledge and training philosophy gave me the edge I needed to achieve my lifelong dream of playing college hockey. After injuries and the discovery of a heart condition temporarily halted my athletic career, his support and specialized training restored my confidence and helped me get back on the ice. Since graduating from college, I have continued to work with him to further develop my health and fitness. With his individualized approach, communication skills, and care for every individual who steps into his gym, Coach Craig has made Slight Edge Fitness and Performance feel like a second home, and a place that brings out the best in his clients: both mentally and physically.

- Michael Thiesing

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"No pain, no gain," an adage a trainer espoused at a gym I previously belonged to for 20+ years. Over time, the exercises he included in my program caused persistent, moderately severe spasms in my neck and shoulder muscles, resulting in motion and chronic pain limitation. When I first met Coach Craig Kelly at his previous gym, he refuted the concept of "no pain, no gain." Instead, his coaching included a progressive, carefully orchestrated exercise regimen that led to a gradual recovery. So when Coach Craig opened Slight Edge Fitness & Performance, my wife and I were excited to continue to utilize his services and expertise. I've been training with Craig for 3+ years and have seen significant improvement in my movement, and with no discomfort. Coach Craig is highly knowledgeable in the science of kinesiology and custom-designed exercises with particular emphasis on proper form. Overall, Craig is a gentleman with endearing qualities and is very respectful of his clients. I enthusiastically endorse his services for people of all ages.

- Dr. Sadru Kabani

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I’d been working out on my own for many years at various gyms, never quite making the kind of progress that I’d hoped to achieve, and always vaguely aware that I was just treading water for the most part. My decision to engage the services of a personal trainer was the second best decision I ever made. The best? Choosing Coach Craig Kelly as my trainer. Since day one, he has made me feel like we are partners in making my fitness goals a reality - and the results have been extraordinarily gratifying. As a trainer, Craig is not just highly knowledgeable - and he certainly is that - but he’s also a person of integrity, through and through. Although we began working together at his previous gym, I was delighted to follow Craig to Slight Edge Fitness and Performance. Since then, I have watched him build out the highly successful business he dreamed of and very much deserves. I’m delighted to be a Slight Edge client and you will be, too.

- John Jacob

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